Rare ceramic pattern tiles with flower motif from 1888.


These encaustic reclaimed tiles date from 1888 and were produced and stamped by the Belgian Company Saint Ghislain. The tiles have been reclaimed from a Maison De Maître near Brussels. The more commen white version of these tiles can be seen in the catalog of Saint Ghislain from 1896.

The floor has an antique and pleasing patina. Some tiles have edge nibbles and groutable chips, this can be expected from a floor of at least 133 years old.

Possible applications:
They can be used as a decorative and practical splash back. They can easily be combined with other tiles for example in the toilet or laid as stone carpet framed in a larger area of other antique tiles, parquet or cast floor. Since the floor is ceramic it can be used outside.

Total floor size: 2,4 m

Tile type, Number of tiles and size (cm):

Number of tiles with flower motif: 56 (15×15)
Number of tiles with leaf motif: 52 (15×15)

Additional information


< 5m2


Beschikbaar / Available


Groen / Green, Rood / Red, Wit / White