Antique Art-Nouveau floor with rich patina (ca.1905)


This floor has been reclaimed from a fine house close to Charlerloi. The field tiles and borders tiles can be traced back to the trade catalog of Maufroid of 1905. The field and border tiles show elegant lines and curves that are so typical for the Art-Nouveau design. The floor shows a rich antique patina, but this can be expected from a floor of more than 115 year old.

Floor size: 15,61 m2

Tile type, Number and size (cm)

Number of field tiles: 458  (16,2 x 16,2)

Number of border tiles: 133

Number of inner corners:  3

Number of outer corners:  2


Additional information


Blauw / Blue, Geel / Yellow, Groen / Green, Zwart / Black


10m2 – 20m2


Beschikbaar / Available