mySTILES, expert in antique floor tiles

We restore antique ceramic and cement tiles, reclaimed from Bourgeois houses in Europe. The result: a ready to lay patterned floor with authentic charm.

mySTILES gives antique encaustic tiles a 2nd life

We search for the most beautiful encaustic floor tiles from 1860 until 1930. We reclaim them from their original houses in Belgium and France. Once in our workshop we restore them to their original beauty. All our floors are authentic and presented in a realistic way in our workshop and on our website. Our website is always up to date.

In our collection you will find antique cement tiles and ceramic tiles with different patterns and styles. Tiles with a beautiful inlaid geometric pattern, complex flower motifs, gloomy Art Deco, distinct Art Nouveau, playful tessellations and so much more.

At mySTILES you will find the perfect antique floor that will give your home the atmosphere and character that it needs.

Antique reclaimed tiles
Antique reclaimed tiles

Why should you choose for antique floor tiles ?

Old floor tiles have a special charm that cannot be mimicked by new tiles. Their precious beauty is enhanced by a century of wear and tear that’s impossible to replicate.

The historical patterns bring a stylish and nostalgic feeling into the room. They add a piece of history to your home.

Antique tiles fit with all kind of styles. If you prefer classic, than you can combine with the more brown, grey colored tiles. Do you love modern and are you looking for the perfect eye-catcher. A fine flashy colored antique floor can be just it.

Every tile is unique and handmade a 100 years ago. So there are subtle variations in tile size, color and thickness. If you choose for an antique authentic floor you choose for perfect imperfections that bring the right atmosphere into the room.

Do you go for a cement tile or ……

At mySTILES we sell antique encaustic cement tiles and ceramic tiles. Both tile types were made by hand a century ago. Therefor every tile is unique and has some beautiful imperfections.

Cement tiles have a soft, matte and natural look. Regular maintenance (impregnation) makes the tiles less porous. Over the years the floor gets a beautiful patina. Nevertheless, cement floors require more care than ceramic ones and are therefore not suitable for every room. Even after regular maintenance, they are not 100% stain resistant. A cement tile is sensitive to hard water because it receives calcium deposits on it and is consequently less suitable for a bathroom. Outside usage is not recommended, as porosity can cause it to freeze in winter and the color could fade in sunlight.


Antique ceramic tiles and cement tiles with different patterns
collection of antique patterned encaustic tiles

Or for antique ceramic tiles

Our ceramic tiles are also handmade encaustic tiles and are baked at high temperature (>1000°C). So they are not porous. They are UV and frost resistant and practically indestructible and perfect to use inside as well as outside. The surface of the ceramic tile is smoother and slightly more glossy than the cement tile. You can clean them like any other ceramic tile with soap and water.

So it is quite important to choose the right floor and this is not just a matter of budget and style. The floor has to suit you and has to fit the room type.

The vast majority of our collection consists of antique ceramic tiles because they are easily to maintain, can be used in all places and have a charming look.

Together we create unique spaces with a WOW feeling

Together we provide that warm welcome in the entrance hall, an eye-catcher in your living room, that unique charming bathroom or that exceptional spot in the garden or by the pool. We support design enthusiasts, architects, antique dealers, interior designers, developers, in short; anyone who chooses for handmade antique tiles.

Our collection, advice and support make mySTILES so much more than a shop.

Old building with victorian tiles
Old patterned tiles with Esher motif

Together we choose for sustainable construction

When we talk about sustainable construction, the first thing that comes to mind is energy efficiency. We often forget that a well-considered choice of building materials will become just as important to reduce our footprint over time. Circular construction and renovation is therefore the future for the construction industry.

Together with you, we can ensure that these beautiful encaustic patterned floors get the 2nd life that they deserve. By reusing them, we also contribute to a better environment. A win-win right?

Antique patterned tiles – the stock is limited

The number of patterned tiles with a specific motif is determined by the original reclaimed floor. We cannot make additional tiles and we sell our authentic reclaimed floors as a whole.

The Ideal floor always exists

The original reclaimed floor will often be a bit too big or just too small, but the ideal floor always exists. You can mix and match with other plane tiles (antiques and new ones) or even with other materials such as parquet, cast floor etc.

Old ceramic encaustic floor tiles before lifting
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