Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use antique ceramic tiles in the bathroom?

Yes, Our ceramic tiles can even be placed in the shower.  

Can I use antique ceramic tiles in the garden?

Yes, Our ceramic tiles can be placed in the garden even in an outdoor shower or swimming pool.  

Antique ceramic tiles and floor heating

Yes, antique ceramic tiles can be used for floor heating systems.  

What is the thickness of the antique ceramic tile?

Today new ceramic pattern tiles are made by machine. The motif is printed on the tile like a photo. This means that the current ceramic tiles are a lot thinner than antique encaustic ones. The antique ceramic tile is on average 1.6 cm. The antique tile is filled with colored clay to 1/3 of the tile thickness. So the colors have remained just as vibrant, even after a century of use.

Why are antique tiles more expensive

Antique tiles are a much more expensive than retro tiles because the restoration of the tiles is a very labor-intensive process.

Do you have a webshop?

You can find our antique collection on this website. This website is always up to date. Send an email to: and you will receive a quote.

Do you also sell separate tiles?

Yes. If you are looking for a few floor tiles for repairs? Send us a picture, the tile size and number of tiles you need. If the required tiles are part of our patch work batches we are happy to help you.

Can I use cement tiles in the bathroom?

Keep in mind that hard water leaves calcium deposits on cement tiles and you cannot remove them with classic decalcifies. If you would like to use these tiles in the shower, it is best to mop everything dry after every shower, place a decalcifier on the tap and treat regularly with impregnation agent. To avoid hassle and disappointment, we recommend that you choose the ceramic antique tile. You will certainly find a nice pattern.

Cement tiles in the garden?

Cement tiles are not resistant to frost. So, if water remains on the tiles and it freezes they can break. They are also sensitive to UV, this means that the colors can fade over time. Some people may find that this adds a nice patina to the cement tiles. But If you want to maintain the bright coloring, you have to treat the tiles quite often.

We therefore recommend choosing the ceramic antique tile instead. Our ceramic antique tiles are also pattern tiles.


Cement tiles and floor heating systems

Cement tiles are unsuitable for floor heating systems as they are dried and not backed. They are also too thick for heat to dissipate effectively.



Can I receive a sample?

Although we represent our authentic floors in detail on our website, some customers want to view the floor in “real live” before purchasing. This is possible. We are open by appointment.

For international clients we created the possibility to receive some samples.

If the floor you wish to purchase is larger than 10 square meters, we can send 2 antique field tiles.

  • We send you the sample and you pay for the shipping costs and a deposit.
  • If you purchase the floor, we will refund the deposit.
  • If you do not purchase the floor, return the sample to us at your expense and we will refund the deposit.



How many spare tiles do I need?

When purchasing a floor, it is best to take a 10% loss into account. On request we also supply you free of charge all tiles that have been rejected during quality control. All rejected tiles are still cleaned and supplied  to use as halves.

How do you pack the tiles?

The tiles stand in rows in a box pallet lined with polystyrene.  We make sure that our box pallets are conform to the fumigation requirement (ISPM15) of the country we are shipping to.

Packaging antiue tiles

I need extra corners. Can you help me?

Yes. The floor is always sold as a whole, therefore corners from the floor in question are included in the batch. If available (in patch work), additional corners can be purchased. It is also always possible to make additional corners by cutting two border tiles diagonally.

How to create corners

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