Beautiful encaustic ceramic floor tiles from 1888 with flower pattern.


These reclaimed floor tiles with floral pattern have been reclaimed from a Belgian farm. The floor itself dates from 1888 and was made by SOCIÉTÉ GÉNÉRALE DE PRODUITS RÉFRACTAIRES ET CÉRAMIQUES DE MORIALMÉ in Belgium. On the back side we see the stamp SM. The floor is surrounded by halve size border tiles.

Possible applications:
They can be used as a decorative and practical splash back or in a chimney heart. They can easily be combined with other tiles for example in the toilet or laid as stone carpet framed in a larger area of other antique tiles, parquet or cast floor.

Total floor size: 0,49 m2

Tile type, Number of tiles and tile size:

N° field tiles: 12 (14×14)

N° Half size border tiles: 21 (7×14)

N° corners: 10 (7×7)

Additional information


< 5m2


Beschikbaar / Available


Blauw / Blue, Bruin / Brown, Geel / Yellow, Groen / Green, Wit / White